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Name:(St.) George Bailey | Mighty Dragon
Birthdate:Sep 16
Location:LA, California, United States of America
My name is George Bailey. My name's been my curse my entire life. To this day I've got no idea why my parents were so cruel. And yes, I own the deluxe DVD edition and I prefer to watch it in the original black and white. Some may know me better as The Mighty Dragon, but over the past couple of years I've taken on a new handle, St. George. I'm one of the last remaining heroes in the L.A. area. I help protect the Mount from exes or, if you're a Romero fan, "zombies." But we like the term "exes" a little better.

I have enhanced strength, invulnerability, a bit of a healing factor, fire breath, and the ability to fly (recently discovered too). I use those powers to protect the people of the Mount and give them hope that someday, maybe, we can finally reclaim what was once the United States. You don't mess with my people and we'll get along just fine, especially since there's very little you can do to mess with me.

I do not own nor believe I am George Bailey/The Mighty Dragon. He is owned by Peter Clines and the Ex-Heroes series. This is merely for fun.

Played by is Lucas Bryant. Icons made by frakkingcylon.
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