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[Fourth Walling]
George Bailey is from a world where Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and pretty much any franchise you can think of exists as a fictional property. There are constant references to these things in canon, not necessarily always from George, but he's best friends with a sci-fi nerd so a lot of that has leeched into his brain.

While George is not AS likely to make these references aloud, I'd still like to lay it out there that more than likely George knows about your character's franchise. Comic Books, movies, and television especially. However, there is a catch. For him, the world ended in 2009, so anything created after summer 2009 is probably not something he's going to recognize.

I can also work around this if need be and will personally respect any wish to not have your character blind-sided by this knowledge.

I realize a lot of people have not read this series. So, if you get interested and would prefer not to have aspects spoiled...let me know.

Triggers: None.
Fourth-walling: I am an equal opportunity fourth waller. If you think Ex-Heroes should be something to throw back at George...go for it. He already thinks his life is pretty insane given that he's a superhero who fights zombies on a daily basis.
Romantic/Sexual Relations: Doubtful, he's in a pretty serious relationship with Karen.
Injure/Kill: Extremely difficult given his powers. He's invulnerable and super strong. However, it's not IMPOSSIBLE. He's been "bitten" twice by a demon-like creature and a fight against a Super-Soldier left him bruised. We'll just need to discuss power levels.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: George is not immune to mental attacks however. He has a strong will, as stated in canon, but he has been fooled by a person with psychic abilities twice (though was able to fight it off in a way both took a LONG while though).
Threadjacking/Backtagging/Etc: I enjoy all of this and welcome it.
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NAME: Erica
AGE: 26
IM / EMAIL: BouncyErbear /
PLURK: BouncyErbear

CHARACTER NAME: George Harrison Bailey aka "St. George"
CHARACTER AGE: Mid-Late Thirties
SERIES: Ex-Heroes
CHRONOLOGY: Post Ex-Purgatory (Ex-Heroes #4).
HOUSING: Random I guess?

BACKGROUND: George Harrison Bailey was indeed named after the main character of a certain classic Christmas film, however he does not hold it against his parents. He also does not blame the University for the fact that when he was working there as a janitor a meteorite crashed into one of their labs and left him with super powers. No, George took that in stride and spent several months learning about his new-found abilities and took up the mantle of the Mighty Dragon. Perhaps he had read too many comic books as a kid or seen too many adventure movies as an adult, but George Bailey was determined to do good with his powers. At first he thought it would just be busting gangs up, protecting the innocent, and maybe stopping a super villain or something. He never imagined that a few months later he'd be dealing with the end of the world and the rise of the zombies.

Thankfully, the world didn't end, at least not entirely. George and a handful of other heroes in the Los Angeles area gathered as many survivors as they could and helped them create a settlement in one of the old movie studios. They dubbed it The Mount and set about trying to rebuild society while the zombies (in this universe called 'exes') ragged at their doorstep. George helped a lot with the set up, but was really more of a protector than a leader (at least in his eyes). His invulnerability and super strength made him a great asset for supply runs since none of the exes teeth could penetrate his skin, thus making him immune to infection. He helped guard the wall of the Mount as well and did his best to keep the peace among all the survivors.

However, strange things happen at the end of the world. George lost several friends, both mundane and super, to many battles. It wasn't always about the zombies. He had to deal with a former gang member who could control the zombies and posed a severe threat to the people at the Mount since he wanted their territory and could move the exes at will. George was also made to face the fact that one of his former friends helped create the virus that started the plague in the first place. He also had to face a friend who had formerly been possessed by a demon, turned into a zombie, and was planning to use George and the Mount for his own nefarious purposes from beyond the grave. Not only that, but George had to learn how to help expand the Mount when they took in a group of military survivors, some of whom were treated with a special Super Soldier serum and had been brainwashed by a government lackey with his own super powers.

Somewhere along the way, George started to bond with particular heroes in the mix, some more so than others. While he does still try to socialize with the normal folks in the Mount, there is a growing rift and uneasiness between the super powered folks and the regular people. He tries to keep the peace but it's hard.

The relationship that has changed the most for him is, of course, his relationship with Stealth aka Karen Quilt. She is the brains and beauty to George's brawn and average looks. Stealth focuses a LOT more on the brains though and seems to have a plan of action for just about every occasion. She prefers the shadows and not a whole lot of people know her real name or what she even looks like behind her mask (hint: George does and she is a former model if that tells you anything). They are currently dating, at least as much as one can date in a post-zombie uprising. George is also close friends with the person in charge of powering the Mount: Barry Burkes. How does one man power a whole mini-settlement you ask? Well with his energy based powers of course. George spends his off time keeping Barry from being bored out of his skull and enjoys exchanging jokes and relaxing with the man turned human super-nova. Among his other close friends are Danielle the intelligent and agoraphobic woman behind the Cerberus armor, Captain Freedom a former soldier and power-house rival to George, and Corpse Girl...I mean Madelyn a zombie that retains her memories and personality via complicated means.

Most recently, George was forced into a shared dream with some of his other hero friends above in an attempt to get him (and the others) out of the way of the mayoral elections at the Mount. The Mount had been trying to re-establish some normalcy and the government lackey, Smith, had made his move to keep the heroes occupied while he placed himself as mayor. He forced the heroes into a deep sleep where they were trapped in a dream world where the zombie uprising had never happened nor did they have any memory of it occurring. Thankfully, the heroes were able to escape from the dream worlds and return in time to put a stop to that nonsense...though not without some sacrifices along the way.

PERSONALITY: George started out as your average Joe kind of guy and, despite his gaining of super powers, has mainly remained that way. He's a laid back sort who is still sometimes thrown by the weird stuff that happens around him. Even with his abilities he considers himself an average guy who still craves hamburgers and wants sex with beautiful women. He might not always get these things mind you, but he's still very human despite his inhuman abilities. However, some might argue that he is above your average Joe.

Many people have compared him to a Boy Scout. He is always ready to do good and perform helpful tasks for others, even showing mercy to those that have done him wrong. He never or rarely considers himself first, made easier by the fact that his skin is invulnerable and he can take just about anything thrown at him. George makes it his job to look out for the little guy and protect them from the zombie hoards since it is in his power to protect them. He puts the safety of those in the Mount above all else. George is a very responsible sort and takes his duty to the Mount and his friends very seriously. He's probably one of the few people remaining with any sense of morality. That isn't to say that he won't take out the zombies by ripping their heads off, but he leaves dealing out punishment to lawbreakers in the Mount mainly to Stealth (which might actually be scarier). He mostly tries to encourage her to show mercy though.

As you might suspect given his name, George has a good sense of humor. He doesn't mind pop culture references and will quip and exchange jokes with anyone that wants to. He's not nearly as serious as you might think, especially when you compare his laid back attitude with that of his girlfriend, Stealth. He's also not a genius and in fact before he was a hero was a janitor at a local University. It is probably this that gives George his humble nature and despite having powers he continues to remain down to earth.

He does have some weaknesses of course. After all, no one is perfect. George can be quick to trust at times, which is a nice counter to Stealth's constant paranoia but it has also put the Mount and his loved ones in harms way at times. He was particularly devastated when, in the dream world, he thought for a moment he had torn apart the Mount in some brainwashed rage. It turned out to be a dream, but the idea of it did NOT sit well with George and he denied it adamantly. It's not to say that he's gullible, but he likes to give people the benefit of the doubt and tries to mediate between them. George can have a temper though, especially if things aren't going his way. When faced with opponents that can equally match him or manipulate him, he doesn't always fare well. The only thing that keeps him going and often leads to his victory is his determination to protect his friends and the Mount residents. If his powers don't make you think of Superman, then his kindness and humanity will. Just...don't hurt Stealth or his people because then you are asking for a beat down and George may or may not hold back.

Canon Abilities:
-Flight: Started out as the ability to jump high and glide over short distances. He was eventually able to figure out or unlock an ability to fly, staying in the air indefinitely
-Super strength: Can lift about 3-4 tons, possibly more if he's motivated/really pushing himself. Dire circumstances being what they are and all
-Invulnerability: Can withstand bullets of various calibers, teeth/sharp objects/needles cannot pierce his skin, etc. In fact zombie teeth typically shatter when they try to bite him. He can be bruised and has suffered cracked ribs before, but these injuries were typically inflicted by super heavy hitters and otherwise George has bounced back from them fairly quickly. It's also proven annoying since his hair is the same way and it makes it almost impossible to cut his hair.
-Fire-breath: An odd chemical reaction that George himself has basically described as vomiting fire. Sometimes he even emits smoke from his nostrils/mouth without thinking. George doesn't seem to utilize this ability as much as you would think he would.

I wasn't sure if I needed to nix one based on the rules. If I get to pick I'd say he can show up without his fire-breath. However, I would also argue that his super strength and invulnerability might be tied under the same umbrellas since, as Stealth puts it to George, "Increased strength would be of little use without an epidermis and skeletal structure which could support additional mass" (Ex-Purgatory).

[A man with long hair appears on the screen. He obviously needs a haircut. There are probably a few grey streaks and his eyes say that he's seen a lot of not so nice things. But, for the most part, he seems pretty calm about all of this. At least he's not yelling at the camera yet. Then again that's not really his way.]

I still have mixed feelings about whether or not to be grateful. There was a lot still to do in L.A. anyway. Though I still don't know why you would need this many heroes for anything. We didn't have this many when the world wasn't overrun by the undead...let alone afterwards. So unless your crisis or whatever reason we were brought here was like that...well...there were probably smarter people you could have picked up.

[The man sighs. The Mount needs him and he just got out of ONE illusion world. He would really like to stop having to world jump, even if this one is supposedly more real.]

I suppose complaining on this thing isn't going to change that though. Hello, my name is George Bailey and yes, that is my real name. I've heard all the jokes, I can assure you. I'm from Los Angeles, California or at least what's left of it. It's been awhile since I've actually met new people so my skills at introducing myself probably leave a lot to be desired.

[He pauses, considering something and then adds.]

I'd appreciate meeting people in person and learning more about this place. Stealth would want me to gather as much information as I could and she probably wouldn't trust these devices or the Government to give it to her. She's paranoid like that and God helps us if she's hear and listening to me blather on it.

George rubs at the mark on his arm. He's still baffled that they managed to tattoo him in some way. It has to be pretty fancy technology to mark his skin. Unfortunately, George isn't really the science type to figure it out. He thought about asking but decides against that too. After all there are about a billion different questions he should be focusing on as opposed to how he got a tattoo.

George looks around and takes in all the people going in every direction. There are kids running and shouting to each other on hover boards for God's sake! He can see couples and the elderly and no one is shambling or trying to each each other. It's a huge adjustment to say the least. When you're coming straight out of a zombie infested wasteland that was once L.A. and into the heart of civilization again it's a very big adjustment. Oh, it wasn't like George was unfamiliar with crowds. After all there had been a lot of people at the Mount. Just not this many people. He's almost overwhelmed and he keeps having to remind himself that this isn't another of Smith's illusions.

Besides, Smith was twisted, but his illusions had still been informed by their reality and place in the world. This was different and he had understood that as soon as he'd been "debriefed" and pushed out of the car into this new town. George does his best to avoid the people with cameras and smiles. They didn't exactly give him a chance to wash up, so hopefully most people will mistake him for a bum (given his rugged looks) or so he hopes anyway. There are a lot of things that are not adding up for him and he's still not sure the debriefing was as informative as they made it out to be. After all, he still has a ton of questions, even if he can't seem to put them to words. He really should have asked before getting out of that car.

George looks over his shoulder, almost willing it back. The streets are packed though and the car that dropped him off is long gone. He's just going to have to fend for himself. He debates taking off into the air and seeing what he can find, except he's not familiar with this place like he was with L.A. It'd be better to hoof it and see who he could meet on the ground.

If he's stuck here then, for the moment, he's going to make the best of it. He'd been in a nightmare for four long years and someone had mentioned something about a malt shop offering free drinks. As soon as he thinks it, his stomach rumbles. George was far from a normal human, but he still had to eat. The thoughts of getting his questions answered disappears as he thinks instead of all the different kinds of food he hasn't had in years.

He could worry about the rest later, but he'd been craving a milkshake and a burger since God knew when. He knows Stealth will kill him for taking a brief reprieve and not immediately investigating the situation, but he has a feeling that Barry would also kill him if he passed up the opportunity to get a milkshake before being shoved back into zombie country.

George takes a breath, glancing at himself in the reflection of a shop window. "One burger and milkshake and then you are getting down to business," he tells himself. George brushes back his hair and moves in the direction he can smell cooking meat.
I feel I need to make the mods aware that while George is a superhero, he's from a universe where all the Marvel, DC, sci-fi, etc. series that we have are made up. There are all kinds of references to superheroes, Doctor Who, Star Trek/Wars and pretty much all the pop culture you could shake a stick at. George isn't as bad as his friend Barry, but it's likely he will recognize some of the bigger name heroes. I can set up a permission post if you like and tweak things accordingly. I just wanted to be up front about it, though I tried to avoid it in the app itself.


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